• Rider Laurent Lives
  • Location Leucate
  • Country France
  • Sport Kitesurfing
  • Story Big Air in Leucate

Hello Lawrence. Can you introduce yourself ?
My name is Laurent Vit, I am 23 years old and I come from Brest in Brittany. I came to kiteboarding after 12 years of competitive cycling. I often watched my father go windsurfing in the middle of a storm, alone, facing nature, and I admired him. Finally, in 2013 I seriously got into kiting and a year later I gave up the bike for this new passion.

Can you tell us about the Furia?
The Furia is the wing I wanted for my style of sailing. It is a nervous, high-performance wing that turns quickly and allows you to climb very high. Perfect for big air and loops.

Can you tell us about the Leucate spot?
Leucate is the mecca of big air. All the best come together there. There's a great atmosphere, so when I had the opportunity to go there I didn't hesitate for long… Thanks to the Takoon team for introducing me to this magical spot!

What were the conditions like during the shoot?
The conditions were incredible! There is always a lot of wind in Leucate and when the Tramontane starts to blow, it becomes pure pleasure for the big air! These are sessions that will remain engraved.

What is your favorite sailing style and tricks?
I started kiting watching videos of Ruben Lenten sending monstrous jumps and the first megaloops. This made me want to and so I headed for the big air. The trick I like the most is the Megaloop late backroll. I love the engagement of this figure. But recently, I dream of doing the board off kiteloop which for me is the Holy Grail.

What did you put in your boardbag?
I had furia 8 and 9m² when there were more than 25 knots and 14m² below to do old school. It's the perfect quiver!