Hello Emely. Can you introduce yourself ?
My name is Emely, I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but for 5 years I have been traveling the world in search of the best kitesurf spots.

Can you tell us about Akyaka?
I've been coming to Akyaka for 6 years and it's my favorite kite spot. Besides being windy every day, the lifestyle is really cool and the place has a really special vibe. The thermal rises daily around 11 a.m. and usually lasts until 5/6 p.m. The season begins in May and ends at the end of October.

Is it for freeride/wave/freestyle?
Most people practice freeriding and freestyle. The spot is also perfect for foiling and strapless freestyle.

Other activities apart from kiteboarding?
The nature is magnificent, there are many hikes possible. Turkish cuisine is amazing and Turkish breakfast is definitely something not to be missed. The nightlife is also very lively.

Are there any other kitesurf spots near Akyaka?
About three hours away you will find Urla, which is also a very famous spot in Turkey.

What did you put in your boardbag?
On this trip I brought my WOOK 12 and 9. I like the Wook for freestyle, freeride and strapless. I also brought the Spider and my Candy surfboard