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Wing VX

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Takoon VX: Elevate Your Game
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Size guide

55 kg 65 - 75 kg 75 - 85 kg 90+ kg
Quiver 1 wing 3.5m 4.5m 5m 5.5m
Quiver 2 wings 3.5m / 4m 3.5m / 5m 4m / 5.5m 4.5m / 6m

Nouveau boîtier US en carbone moulé

Les Glide V3 sont équipées de notre nouveau boîtier US en carbone moulé, développé en interne par Takoon. Grâce à leur rigidité incomparable, ces nouveaux boitiers apportent une connexion au foil inégalée, une parfaite transmission des efforts et un feeling sans pareil.

Nos nouveaux box de foil sont fabriquées en carbone préimprégné, polymérisé à haute pression et haute température dans un moule en acier. Ce processus permet d’obtenir un boîtier avec des fibres longues de carbone bien compactés, ce qui le rend tout simplement indestructible et ultra rigide.

Grâce à cette construction, si l’on compare nos boitiers carbone aux boitiers classiques comme les Futures, le gain de rigidité et de robustesse est considérable. En effet, généralement fabriqués en plastique injecté chargé avec de la fibre de verre en fibres courtes, les boitiers classiques peuvent présenter de la déformation à l’effort. Sur l’eau, cela se ressent sous forme d’un temps de latence dans la réactivité du foil, que ce soit pour le pumping, pour carver, ou pour les manœuvres. Avec nos nouveaux boîtiers carbone, la transmission des efforts est instantanée et la connexion est ultra rigide.

Plus longs, ces nouveaux boitiers donnent beaucoup plus de liberté de placement de votre foil. Ils viennent en 2 tailles: 33 cm et 38 cm en fonction de la taille de la planche. Ils sont ainsi plus longs de 6 cm et 11 cm que les boîtiers futurs. Ainsi, vous pourrez affiner vos réglages, afin de trouver la position personnelle qui vous convient le plus.

Ils bénéficient aussi d’une double ouverture par rails pour un montage plus rapide : plus besoin de démonter entièrement vos boulons de la platine, il suffit simplement de desserrer les vis, de faire glisser le foil dans les ouvertures et de resserrer les vis et hop, le tour est joué.


Takoon VX: Elevate Your Game

Your performance is about to reach new heights with the Takoon VX – our top-of-the-line wing designed for demanding riders seeking more speed, precision, and agility on the water. Exclusively crafted for intermediate to expert wingfoilers, the VX will amplify your sensations and talent, whether in freeride, race, big air, freestyle, or waveriding.

The VX wing benefits from our new interchangeable system: delivered with our ultra-lightweight soft handles, you can also optionally order our carbon handles and the pre-impregnated carbon boom.

Unparalleled Performance: The VX is the epitome of high-performance wingfoiling. With the VX, you'll experience unmatched speed, extremely precise control, and effortless glide. It's the ideal wing to push your limits.

Become a Freestyle Maestro: Unleash your creativity! With the VX, you can execute advanced freestyle maneuvers with mastery. Designed for aerial tricks, this wing allows you to perform spins, rolls, or flips with precision and style. Unleash your full potential!

Dizzying Jumps: The Takoon VX will take you to new heights with ease, thanks to its incredible lift. The power and stability of this wing will enable you to push your limits, offering breathtaking airtime and gigantic jumps. Defy gravity with the VX!

Excellence in Waveriding: With the VX, surf in wingfoil with grace and finesse. Connect with the swell, carve through the waves, and fully experience the adrenaline of waveriding. The VX is designed to be stable and responsive, even in challenging wave conditions. It's a wing that will instill confidence and allow you to effortlessly climb upwind and reach the peak.

Race Machine: For competition enthusiasts, the VX is engineered to dominate races, whether in slalom, long-distance, or boardercross. Its aerodynamic design, coupled with exceptional lift, unwavering stability, and infinite acceleration, will help you surpass your competitors and leave them trailing behind. With the VX, you'll gain confidence... and win!

Precision and Finesse: Specially designed for intermediate and expert riders, the Takoon VX offers precise and responsive maneuverability. Its intuitive control allows seasoned wingfoilers to refine their movements in advanced maneuvers, with effortless control and high-precision finesse.

Unleash your talent with the Takoon VX - where expertise meets performance, without compromise.

The Wing VX does not come with the leash. The leash will be offered as an option. We advise you to go with the following sizes:

  • 140cm: For VX Wings from 3.5m to 5m
  • 150cm: For the Wing VX 5.5m

User guide

VX 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5 6
Wing span (m) 2.92 3.12 3.32 3.43 3.49 3.53
Chord (m) 1.63 1.74 1.85 1.95 2.17 2.27
Weight (kg) 2.26 2.38 2.54 2.7 2.88 3.1

The Wing VX has been designed for riders who demand the highest level of precision, speed, and agility on the water. Exclusively crafted for intermediate and expert wingfoilers, this wing will enhance your skills and performance in all disciplines: freeride, race, freestyle, jump, and waveriding. To adapt to your size and the conditions at your spot, our VX is available in 5 different sizes. Whether you're a lightweight or heavy rider, into ultra-light conditions or stronger winds, make your choice from our wide range, spanning from 3.5m² to 5.5m².

wind range

Wing size Estimation based on a rider weighing 75kg with a medium-sized board. Weight
3.5 20 - 38 Noeuds
4 17 - 35 Noeuds
4.5 15 - 30 Noeuds
5 12 - 28 Noeuds
5.5 10 - 25 Noeuds

Size guide

55 kg 65 - 75 kg 75 - 85 kg 90+ kg
Quiver 1 wing 3.5m 4.5m 5m 5.5m
Quiver 2 wings 3.5m / 4m 3.5m / 5m 4m / 5.5m 4.5m / 6m

Our VX wing is available in every half-square meter from 3.5m² to 5.5m² – in other words, you have plenty of options! But how do you choose? To assist you, check out our size guide. Whether you're looking to build a quiver with one, two, or three wings, you'll undoubtedly find VX wings suitable for your size and the wind strength at your spot.

Keep in mind that you should adjust these recommendations to your local conditions. For example, if you only have very light winds at your spot and plan to equip yourself with a single wing, then lean towards the larger recommended size (for instance, 4m² for those under 55kg). Conversely, if you only experience strong winds, consider the smaller recommended size. Additionally, depending on your skill level, your board's volume, and your pumping abilities, you can adapt the wing's surface area. The choice is yours!

Wings Comparison

Accessibility Speed Maneuverability Freefly Jump Start
Wing VX
Wing V3
Wing V3 Ultra

Technical specs


Optimal Dihedral


Intermediate to expert


Freeride Performance / Freestyle / Speed / Wave



Dihedral, profile, and optimized leading edge

The VX wing features a carefully designed dihedral and profile that ensure acceleration, stability, and control in all conditions.

Nonetheless, the central sections of the leading edge maintain a significant diameter to guarantee excellent rigidity. This rigidity allows for harnessing the full power of the wing while providing expert riders with maximum efficiency and control.

Thin wingtips

The VX wing features slender wingtips that minimize drag and promote acceleration. During gusts, these wingtip fins allow the wing to breathe by flexing, thereby enhancing stability, maneuverability, and overall comfort of the wing in all conditions.


Constructed from two different and durable types of sailcloth, the VX is designed to withstand the demands and stresses of high-level wingfoiling. The panels closest to the leading edge, experiencing minimal deformation stresses, are made of lightweight sailcloth, while the mid-section and trailing edge panels are composed of heavier but more robust sailcloth. This configuration ensures optimal maintenance of the wing's shape, providing consistent performance even after prolonged use.


The leading edge and central batten are made of Dacron from the DIMENSION POLYANT DP175LL brand. It is a very strong and rigid polyester fabric with a lightweight grammage. It is a global reference for Dacron, being one of the most proven and expensive materials in this category. It is optimal for achieving excellent performance over an extended period.

As for the canopy of the Wing VX, the panels closest to the leading edge are made of a 54g/m2 spinnaker fabric, making it very light. It is triple Ripstop woven to stiffen and reinforce it. Three large-diameter fibers strengthen the fabric at regular intervals and in two axes at 90°. This mesh network prevents tears from spreading and also secures fabric deformations.

The panels in the middle and at the trailing edge are made of a canopy fabric with a higher and robust grammage. We use the 85g Heavy double ripstop canopy, allowing optimal maintenance of the wing's shape for consistent performance even after prolonged use.

Our bladders are made of thick 80-micron TPU for increased resistance. The bladders themselves and all accessories are heat-sealed to withstand high pressures.

interchangeable Handles

Soft handles, rigid handles, or boom? All three? With the VX, you have the choice! Thanks to our new interchangeable system, you have options. You can now customize your wing according to your preferences or daily program. The VX comes standard with soft handles, and you can optionally order rigid handles and the boom.

Central strut design

The S-shaped central strut of the VX aims to minimize the wing's drag while improving its ergonomics. Indeed, with this shape, the rear handle is positioned farther back, allowing the rider a natural sheeting motion without excessive and uncomfortable bending of the rear arm.

Tension Spreader

The Tension Spreader is a reinforcement made of monofilm that stiffens the luff or tack point of the sail. With this reinforcement, tensions in the canopy and on the trailing edge are better controlled, ensuring optimal performance and increased longevity of the wing.



New inflation valve

We have upgraded our inflation valves to a SUP-style valve, making it easier to set up the pump and deflate the equipment. This valve ensures a more reliable pressure reading on the pump and provides more accurate inflation. If you have a pump for the old Takoon valves, no worries! An adapter for your pump with this new valve is included with the wing.

One Pump System

To spend more time on the water than preparing your gear, we have kept our One Pump inflation system, allowing you to inflate your wing, leading edge, and central strut more easily and quickly, all at once, from a single valve.

Neoprene under the freefly handle

Under the freefly handle, on the leading edge, you will find a neoprene patch designed to enhance your comfort in surfing. Soft to the touch, this neoprene prevents snagging and irritation on your fingers during all your wing manipulations, especially in freefly.


Our VX wing comes with its storage bag. Convenient, it opens widely to allow easy storage of your wing. It also has attachments to carry your pump, as well as a storage pocket for your accessories or repair kit


Our material can be shipped worldwide.

Shortly after placing an order, you will receive an email confirming that your order has been received and is being processed. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a track and trace number via email.

The cost of shipping the material depends on your location. You can see the total shipping cost of your order at checkout.

You can track the progress of your order at the following link: https://takoon.com/pages/Tracking

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Business model

Direct sale

At Takoon, our priority is to offer you high-end products at an affordable price. That's why we have implemented a direct sales system, available online on our website and in our Tarifa store. We want to be close to our customers and provide them with an exceptional experience, focusing on personalized customer service and quality after-sales support.

We deliberately chose to concentrate our investments on innovation and the quality of our boards, which allowed us to avoid expensive intermediaries, multiple logistics sites, and advertising expenses often associated with internet giants. This approach enables us to control all our costs and offer competitive prices without compromising the quality of our products.

By eliminating unnecessary links in the distribution chain, we can provide you with exceptional value for money. We constantly listen to your feedback and needs, allowing us to continuously improve our products and develop new innovations to meet your expectations.

At Takoon, we are passionate about our craft, and we are committed to offering you the best products, the best service, and a unique experience.