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Pleasure and simplicity for beginners and progression
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Size guide

Cruise 5'10
Volume (l) 110
-60kg X
60/75kg X
75/85kg X
85/100kg X
Cruise 5'10
Day bag 6'0
Travel bag 6'0

Nouveau boîtier US en carbone moulé

Les Glide V3 sont équipées de notre nouveau boîtier US en carbone moulé, développé en interne par Takoon. Grâce à leur rigidité incomparable, ces nouveaux boitiers apportent une connexion au foil inégalée, une parfaite transmission des efforts et un feeling sans pareil.

Nos nouveaux box de foil sont fabriquées en carbone préimprégné, polymérisé à haute pression et haute température dans un moule en acier. Ce processus permet d’obtenir un boîtier avec des fibres longues de carbone bien compactés, ce qui le rend tout simplement indestructible et ultra rigide.

Grâce à cette construction, si l’on compare nos boitiers carbone aux boitiers classiques comme les Futures, le gain de rigidité et de robustesse est considérable. En effet, généralement fabriqués en plastique injecté chargé avec de la fibre de verre en fibres courtes, les boitiers classiques peuvent présenter de la déformation à l’effort. Sur l’eau, cela se ressent sous forme d’un temps de latence dans la réactivité du foil, que ce soit pour le pumping, pour carver, ou pour les manœuvres. Avec nos nouveaux boîtiers carbone, la transmission des efforts est instantanée et la connexion est ultra rigide.

Plus longs, ces nouveaux boitiers donnent beaucoup plus de liberté de placement de votre foil. Ils viennent en 2 tailles: 33 cm et 38 cm en fonction de la taille de la planche. Ils sont ainsi plus longs de 6 cm et 11 cm que les boîtiers futurs. Ainsi, vous pourrez affiner vos réglages, afin de trouver la position personnelle qui vous convient le plus.

Ils bénéficient aussi d’une double ouverture par rails pour un montage plus rapide : plus besoin de démonter entièrement vos boulons de la platine, il suffit simplement de desserrer les vis, de faire glisser le foil dans les ouvertures et de resserrer les vis et hop, le tour est joué.


Looking for your first wingfoil board? Discover the Cruise!

The Cruise is the ideal board for discovering wingfoiling. Reassuring and voluminous, you will have no trouble making your first runs. Thanks to its easy takeoff, you will quickly discover the pleasures of flying on a foil board.

You will feel comfortable even when stopped, thanks to the maximum stability offered by the Cruise. With this board, take-offs require very little technique, and you will be flying before you know it. Similarly, landings are smooth, allowing you to work on your maneuvers without constantly falling.

Versatile, the Cruise is a board that will allow you to progress quickly until you can perform your first maneuvers and even do your first wing foil surfs. Its wide shape will facilitate learning and provide real comfort in flight, with well-tolerated touch-downs and a sensation of total control.

In conclusion, the Cruise board is ideal for beginners and those looking to progress, regardless of your size, whether you are light or heavy.

User guide

Size 5'10
Length (cm / foot) 177.8 / 5'10
Width (cm / inch) 73.66 / 29'
Thickness (cm / inch) 12.35 / 4.85'
Volume (l) 110

The Cruise is the perfect board to start and progress with. You probably won't be doing freestyle with it, but from your first flights to mastering your maneuvers, the Cruise will be your best ally. And maybe even later, when you become a wing hero and have moved on to our more performance-oriented boards, you'll keep the Cruise for sailing calmly in light winds or for introducing your family and friends to the sport.

Cruise 5'10
Volume (l) 110
-60kg X
60/75kg X
75/85kg X
85/100kg X
Cruise 5'10
Day bag 6'0
Travel bag 6'0

Technical specs


Molded Composite




Beginner to advanced




For the shape of our Cruise, we have sought the best compromise between ease of use and glide. Neither too long nor too short, its dimensions and volume have been optimized to offer maximum stability, even when stationary or kneeling. With a less rounded and wider outline, the Cruise provides perfect longitudinal and lateral stability. Its straighter rails are also there to promote stability without compromising glide. Additionally, to bring the rider closer to the foil, the Cruise features a concave hollow deck. It lowers the rider's center of gravity for better stability and control of the board.


Boards featuring our Molded Composite Technology, known as MCT, are constructed with an injected EPS foam core, lightweight and molded according to our design. This core is then laminated with layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin composite, reinforced by a high-quality topsheet shield. The topsheet is made from an extremely reliable and durable material widely used in the twin-tip industry as well as in most skis and snowboards available on the market. Thanks to their one-piece molded construction, MCT boards offer remarkable strength and exceptional dynamics.


Footstraps inserts

For those who prefer riding with footstraps, multiple footstrap inserts are available on the Cruise. Our Takoon neoprene straps, sold as an option, offer excellent support and comfort while riding. Comfortable and lightweight, they are available in single or V configurations.


To facilitate handling and portability, the Cruise is equipped with an ergonomic handle located on the hull. It allows you to carry your board and foil with just one hand, leaving the other free to carry your wing.

Eva Pad

3.5mm: That's the thickness of the EVA pad on our Cruise. Multi-piece and grooved, it provides even more grip and comfort while navigating, while promising better water drainage on the deck.


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