Hi Nicolas, could you introduce yourself in a few words 

My name is Nicolas Maurin, I am 28 years old, I am from Port Saint Louis, in the Camargue and have been living in Biscarrosse in the Landes for 8 years.

How did you start kiting?

I first started with windsurfing quite early, I was 7 years old. With my parents and my sister we spent most of the summer in Beauduc, it was the perfect spot... I was in the water a lot, I loved windsurfing! During this time my father spent more and more time on his kite, it was crazy, he jumped above me and seemed to have fun, of course I wanted to do like him! In the summer of 2002, I pulled my first edges with a power kite and a Twin-Tip, I was 12 years old and after that I quickly forgot my windsurf board!!

Why are you doing Tiki ?

I do Tiki because I find everything I'm looking for in kiting through a single board, freeride, performance and above all fun!

A big thank you to my father who transmitted to me the passion for sliding and in recent years for Tiki We ride the same way, each with their own style but sharing the same wave, the same gust and the same thought of kite is just magical!

What are the sensations that we feel in Tiki ?

The sensation that you feel right away is softness, you don't need to notch like in Twin-Tip, you just have to let the board slide, the course is done naturally. The comfort is amazing on a tiki, it is possible to ride for hours without feeling tired. This board is really addictive and very easy to access even for those who have never sailed strapless, you have to try!!

Can you explain a bit about the conditions in which you use your Tiki ?

I use the Tiki in all conditions. Besides, I sold my other boards... From 8 to 50 knots and up to 2 meters of waves for me.

It is possible to do everything, the light wind is the major asset of the tiki, thanks to its length and its glide we start very early in the planning, its small fin also allows you to ride in shallow depths, it's great!

When the wind is strong, I regularly go on beautiful outings, its comfort and the huge heading facilitate this kind of programme.

Even in strong winds it is easy to maintain control, provided you have the correct sail. Thanks to its length, we swallow the chop without any problem, moreover at the 2018 and 2019 kite challenge, we took 45 to 50 knots and many of us have slammed our best places in these conditions!!

I also love taking my tiki out in the waves, you can surf a bit like a longboard, very fluid surfing. The surfing sensations are awesome!

What do you think of the new Furia ?

The new Furia is just perfect, a wing that is both efficient and reassuring, it has a freeride side but knows how to send you crazy on demand! She goes far in the window which is just perfect for the tiki cape. The Furia turns fast, it has a very good drift, it's great for playing in the waves and doing some maneuvers, I love this wing!

What are the spots where you sail the most?

I sail at Biscarrosse plage when I choose a wave programme, in the Arcachon basin when the ocean conditions are extreme or to go for a walk with my friends and on Biscarrosse lake for a totally freeride sail and test new maneuvers and transitions.