• Rider Serge Harlot
  • Location Palmyra
  • Country France
  • Sport Kitesurfing
  • Story Tiki Addict

How to choose the size of the tiki. 210 or 230?

The choice of size is made in relation to the size and weight of the person. The 230 for those over 80kg and the 210 for all light to medium weights.

What is the difference between the Tiki Classic 210 and the Tiki California ?

They are very similar. The Classic is more playful and the California more playful and more fun in the waves

What types of wings do you recommend for sailing a Tiki?

For the light I recommend the mono batten to have a better low range and start planning earlier. I use the One Light V2 in 15m and 12m. It is a wing that is lively, fast and turns well.

From how many knots can you sail in Tiki and up to how much?

I sail from 8 knots with the One Light V2 in 15m or in Furia 14m . I hold the Tiki up to 40 knots on the flat.

Up to what age can the Tiki be used?

Any age from 8 to 80 years old :-)

Do you prefer flat or agitated spots?

I have no preference. When the wind is there I don't hesitate :-)

Did you take trips with your Tiki?

Yes, Tunisia every year in Djerba.

Do you participate in Tiki events during the year?

Yes Kite challenge every year ;-)