Hi Bruno, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Bruno Meignen, I am the shaper of the ordgy boards in Capbreton in the Landes. I specialized in the shape of sup foil, surf foil and wing foil boards.

How did you start shaping Sup Foil and Wing boards?

I made my first board 30 years ago and it was in the spring of 2017 that I started with a foil of my own design. Then I didn't stop developing the boards with a lot of research and development. For 3 years I have been testing all my prototypes and therefore I am constantly improving.

Why do you do Wing?

I love sliding sports and I practiced a lot of windsurfing and kiteboarding. So that's great because thanks to the Wing I can also take advantage of the wind with my stand-up board. So with just one board I have fun whatever the conditions.

What are the sensations that we feel in Wing and Sup foil?

What do we feel? Flying above the water is a real jubilation! At first, we're in slow motion, and then something happens, we're in the air and the sound of the chop disappears with crazy acceleration! On the flat or in the wave, you can't stop flying! FOILER is the most exciting thing ever. We are like pelicans following the wave while gliding!

A few words about the Comet , the Wing / SUP Foil board developed in collaboration with Takoon?

the Comet is a compact board, i.e. very short with a lot of volume and a comfortable width. It is characterized by its rectangular outline. Its tail is beveled in order to pitch up more easily. On the hull side, it is distinguished by its marked double concave.

This very particular shape offers a very fast take off and flawless control. Whether in wing or SUP, strap positions are provided.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, with the Comet you can have fun in wing as in SUP foil.

What are the spots where you sail the most?

In the Landes it is already spring and the thermals will begin to return. We have a side shore wind which is perfect for taking advantage of the swell trains.

Long live the deconfinement!