• Rider Noé Cantaloube
  • Location Nazaré
  • Country Portugal
  • Sport Surf Foil
  • Story Project Nazaré

Project Presentation

Nazaré is a must-visit destination for surfers worldwide. Its underwater canyon generates massive waves that attract the best big wave riders every winter. Ready to face these water monsters, they seek thrills and records.

Surfing Nazaré's giant wave is no spontaneous feat. It's a challenge that requires months of dedicated training, both physically and mentally, even involving skills in breath-holding. Patience is also key in anticipating the swell that will bring THE sought-after wave.

Being located near Nazaré, we take pride in sponsoring and supporting Noé Cantaloube in his goal to surf this mythical wave on a foil board! Engaging with a giant wave on a foil board represents an entirely new dimension of big wave surfing, demanding exceptional foil surfing skills.

Noé will conquer the wave with a pro version of the slate V2, developed and manufactured in our factory. This board will soon be available on takoon.com. The aim is to push the boundaries and set a world record by surfing the world's biggest wave on a foil board.


The entire preparation and realization of this project will be immortalized in a documentary, capturing every moment of this epic journey. Follow Noé Cantaloube through each step, from training to conquering the legendary wave, offering a unique rider's perspective on this extraordinary adventure.

Our production team will not only immortalize Noé's journey but also highlight every essential contributor to this ambitious project. From determined coaches to fearless pilots, including other riders ready to challenge Nazaré's colossal waves, each will have their moment in this captivating film.

We plan to host theatrical premieres to experience the excitement of this adventure on the big screen, followed by online accessibility for everyone. The goal is to create total immersion in this quest to tame the largest wave ever surfed on a foil board.

Witness history in the making with breathtaking visuals and inspiring testimonials. Stay connected to not miss a moment of this sensational saga.