• Rider Xavier Kain
  • Location Tarifa
  • Country Spain
  • Sport Kitesurfing
  • Story Big Air in Tarifa

Hello Xavier, Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Xavier Kain, I'm 29 years old, I'm originally from Paris, but I gave up almost 3 years ago to come to Tarifa to live my passion for kiting to the fullest! For that I did not hesitate to let go of my job which certainly brought me stability, but which did not give me enough flexibility to kite regularly. That's why I decided to go freelance as a web designer in order to be able to organize my schedule according to the conditions to be sure not to miss any session, and I must admit that in Tarifa I am very spoiled!

Can you tell us about the Balneario spot in Tarifa?

It is surely the most dangerous spot in Tarifa, it works by Levante, very strong East wind (often reaches 40 to 50 knots) and completely offshore without any boat safety. But it's also for me the most beautiful spot: ultra-flat in general, and on swell days, incredible waves that come in just as well for strapless as as a kicker to project themselves into the air. It's really my favorite spot when it's blowing hard, I swear by Balneario, even if we had to swim against the current several times for ¾ of an hour to come back after a galley, or even go through the rocks in balance, being careful not to damage the gear... but the session is always worth it!

What were the conditions like during the shoot?

The conditions were a little light and gusty compared to what we had hoped for, we must have had around thirty knots maximum, but we were spoiled in terms of waves so it still allowed us to project ourselves well into the air with beautiful kiteloops.

What do you think of the new Furia?

I think the video speaks for itself 😊

What is your favorite sailing style and tricks?

I see myself as someone ultra-versatile, I adapt to the conditions and I practice the most suitable discipline: if it's very light (between 8 and 13 knots) I'll go foiling, if we have a a little more air (between 15 and 20 knots) I'm going to do some freestyle, if there's a swell and between 18 and 30 knots onshore I'm going to go strapless, and finally if the levante comes in with at least 35 knots (and up to at 50 knots) let's go for the big air session with megaloop galore!! I like everything but it's true that big air is really my favorite discipline with my famous megaloop late frontroll