This year again, the Kite Challenge saw more than 400 participants heading to Gruissan from May 24th to 26th. With more than 140 kilometers over 3 days, gusts exceeding 50 knots and six races in competition mode, this event was more than ever worthy of its name as the challenge was met.
We would like to congratulate all the participants who faced it and are very happy to have been present during this essential event in the life of any kitesurfer. A first for our new Takoon team, but certainly not the last as the desire to come back as a competitor is strong!
We then presented our new collection, unveiled a week before the Defi Kite, and the result of more than a year of intense and thoughtful work to continue to make Takoon the shortest way to quality equipment at an affordable price. We enjoyed meeting you there, discussing and discussing our new products. Your opinion counts and has always been the primary source of motivation in our development. We couldn't be happier than to hear the unanimously positive feedback on discovering this new collection.
We would also like to congratulate Nicolas Maurin, one of our Takoon ambassadors, who finished 2nd in the Tiki category and 50th overall. He was thus able to demonstrate the full potential of the Tiki, usually recognized as a formidable weapon in light airs, but which, well sailed, is just as much talked about in 50 knots.
A big thank you also to the organization of this Kite Challenge which was as efficient and available with the competitors as with the exhibitors, multiplying the pleasure of crossing France to participate in this unparalleled event.
Finally, here is a gallery of a large number of participants in Tiki called “chips” and who have confirmed to us that the Tiki, more than a board, is a real state of mind of sharing, pleasure and of simplicity.
Looking forward to next year for an even crazier edition!